Heart clinical trials

A chance to make a difference

The advanced heart care we provide is constantly improved through clinical research conducted by our physicians. As a patient, you may have the opportunity to participate in heart-based clinical trials. These studies help develop new medications and procedures that may make a difference in your own care and that of others.

A wide range of heart care studies

Our physicians conduct studies in a variety of areas, from heart attack and heart disease to heart rhythm disorders and congestive heart failure.

Patients can benefit from participation

One patient with congestive heart failure found it easy to participate in a clinical trial. In 2004, when she joined a trial to test the effectiveness of a new pacemaker, Rosemarie was very ill. “I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” she says. During the trial, she received close, careful attention from a team of heart failure experts. "I came in more frequently, but my husband was thrilled with that because he felt I was getting the extra care I needed." Stronger and healthier today, Rosemarie says, "I've been extremely pleased with my experience. I know the information from this study will help someone else."

Is a clinical trial right for you?

Your doctor can help you decide which clinical trials are right for you. Our staff will answer your questions and provide you with details on particular studies.

Participation is voluntary. If you join a trial, you are free to change your mind and withdraw at any time.

Read more about why we do clinical research, your rights as a patient, and how it could benefit you and others.

For more information

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